wCloud Wireless in Clouds

Web interface

All interaction with the access points takes place via a web interface.

What see the clients

User creates a desired group, then transferred their access points into the group, on next stage need to create a template with the desired configuration for this group.

What see the administrators

The administrator its like a normal user, but he also can create, block or delete other users, update licence period and transfer new access points to user accounts.

Server API

This part it's simple JSON-RPC system.

Access points sends to server the statistics in JSON format. Server sends to access points the template version and parameters if needed.

Images for Access points

All "in device" logic works on OpenWRT platform. Theoretically it is possible to set up wCloud on other platforms that support the UCI system

We have a precompiled firmwares for some TP-Link and MT7620A based boards.